Magnetic Wheel Wrench Set

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Until now, all wheel wrenches have been pretty much the same. There have been slight variations in wheel nut design, but nothing truly innovative. That changes now, with the 110% Magnetic Wheel Wrench.

This game changing wrench allows you to customize it to suit your preference with the socket that can be in the middle of the wrench, or on the end for more leverage. At the opposite end of the wrench, the open hex allows you to get a clear view when it's time to remove the set screw that retains the pin and the hex.

Next, we added a magnet inside the wrench itself and a small steel screw inside the wheel hex. This keeps the wheel nut in the wrench when changing the tires. Never again will you drop or lose a wheel nut when you want to do a quick wheel change.

Finally, we've incorporated what we believe to be the best knurling available, on the nut. These nuts hold stronger than anything out there and will fit all cars.

We believe your tools should work for you, and this wrench gives 110% every time.

The 110% Magnetic Wheel Wrench comes with a set of 4 wheel nuts designed to fit any 1/8 scale car. Additional sets of wheel nuts can be purchased separately