What is 110%?

It's about mindset.

Giving 110% isn't about giving more than you have, it's about striving to have more to give. The extra 10% is in your mindset. It's in the details. It's about never saying "good enough". "Good Enough" is the slogan of the mediocre. In our minds, there is no such thing as "good enough". We believe you can always be better.

Giving 110% means you never stop learning and improving. It's about competing with yourself to become better than you were yesterday, better than you thought you could be. It means taking everything you are currently doing, and looking for a better way to do it. Because even if the current way is working fine, you will find a better way.

This is our passion.

This isn't just a slogan for a brand. This is a life philosophy, a way of living. This is the passion we put into everything we do, and everything we make.

We put 110% into everything we make, so you can be confident that you can get 110% out of it.